Kilcullen Seaweed Bath House 

Less than a 2 minute walk from the Ocean Sands Hotel, Kilcullen's Bath House opened for business in 1912. The bath house had been built for the purpose on a site acquired by the Kilcullen family as far back as 1898. The Edwardian building hailed at the time as 'Kilcullen's Modern Bath House', an attempt to set it apart from a much older establishment dating from the middle of the 19th century.

Delve into a world of pure relaxation at Kilcullen’s Bath House. Immerse yourself in a hot oil bath in vintage glazed porcelain baths complete with solid brass taps and wooden panelled shower cisterns. At this well established seaweed bath house, nothing is added and nothing is taken away, so you are left with the best that nature has to offer you. After your seaweed experience, enjoy a tranquil post-seaweed-bath walk along the stunning sandy beach that is adjacent to the bath house.

Benefits of Seaweed Baths

An ancient tradition practiced all along the West Coast of Ireland, hot seaweed baths provide relaxation and relief to people of all ages, including those who suffer from rheumatism and arthritis.

The therapeutic power of the seaweed bath is attributed to the high concentration of iodine that occurs naturally in sea water and in seaweed. While it is growing, seaweed extracts this iodine from the surrounding sea water and concentrates it in its fronds. In fact, this makes it one of nature’s richest sources, some seaweeds have up to 20,000 times the concentration of iodine within the water in which they grow.

The perfect way to relax when visiting Enniscrone!