We are proud advocates of the benefits of nature here in Ocean Sands and seeing as we are surrounded by the splendid Enniscrone Beach, we know the many advantages that a long walk on the beach can have. Did you know that our neighbours in Kilcullen Seaweed Bath House have harnessed some of these wonderful natural benefits of the beach and brought them indoors? Read more about the luxury and benefits of seaweed baths.

What is a seaweed bath?

A seaweed bath is essentially an ordinary bath but instead of being filled with water from the tap, the bath is infused with hot seawater and seaweed which has been steamed to help release its natural minerals. To describe it in text does no justice for this luxurious experience. Imagine the feeling of weightlessness and relaxation as you are surrounded by the wonder of the sea. The great staff at Kilcullen Bath House add some natural essential oils to enhance your experience and heighten your senses.

Why have a seaweed bath?

First of all, and most importantly, a seaweed bath brings a feeling of utter relaxation and peace. Use this time to meditate, clear your mind or simply indulge in some necessary ‘me- time’. How often do you get to bathe completely uninterrupted, without children, time-constraints and technology getting in the way?

The tradition of bathing in hot water and seaweed stems from ancient Irish traditions and has provided relaxation to people of all ages for centuries. It also provides relief for those suffering from joint and mobility issues like rheumatism and arthritis. These medicinal benefits are said to come from the high concentration of iodine, absorbed from the sea and released in the hot water.

One of the biggest benefits of a seaweed bath is the absolute purity of the act. Nothing is taken away and very little added to the bath, so you know you are taking advantage of nature without adding chemicals or other processed ingredients. The seaweed will also help your skin feel silky smooth and ease tension and muscle pain.

History of Kilcullen Bath House

Less than a 2-minute walk from the hotel lies Kilcullen Bath House, who offer the finest seaweed baths in all of Ireland. They are absolute professionals and have been in operation since 1912 offering the best of nature in the comfort of their Edwardian Bath House. The décor is as traditional as you would imagine with vintage porcelain baths complete with solid brass taps and wooden paneling to set the scene. The business is over 100 years old and the family is now in its fifth generation of ownership.

Sounds great, how do I book?

If you would like to book a seaweed bath while you are staying in Enniscrone, you can visit Kilcullen Seaweed Baths website or call them to book this lovely treatment. The treatment is the perfect accompaniment to a fabulous stay in the Ocean Sands Hotel, a great way to relax on holiday or an ideal pre-wedding treat for a bride or bridal party. Make sure to finish your day with a walk on the nearby Enniscrone Beach to round it all off.

To book your great value stay in the Ocean Sands Hotel, check out our website for special offers and packages. Make sure you book direct for the very best deals.

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