Are you planning a trip to Enniscrone this year? Wondering what to do when you get here? Luckily Enniscrone has some of the most fantastic scenery and outdoor activities on the West Coast of Ireland. Most of the activities are run by locals and are within a short distance from the most picturesque accommodation in Sligo, Ocean Sands Hotel. Here is our pick of the best holiday activities to make the most of your trip


It’s not often you would get the opportunity to swim in the Atlantic Ocean, especially if you live in a built-up area. While on holidays in Enniscrone, take advantage of the fabulous blue-flag, Enniscrone Beach, right on our doorstep. Bring your togs and refresh your mind and body with a quick dip or a walk along the golden sand in the sun. When you’re done, a hot Irish Coffee will be waiting to warm you up in our bar. 


Did you know that kitesurfing is one of the fastest-growing water sports in the world? If it’s something you’ve always wanted to try but never had the opportunity, take this as a sign! Kitesurfing borrows the best bits from wakeboarding, surfing, snowboarding, and windsurfing and amalgamates them into one flexible and exciting experience. You can take lessons in surfing from a seasoned professional in 7th Wave Surf School so you are confident and able for the next step. Enjoy and be safe on the water.

Horse Riding

Have you ever dreamed of riding a beautiful stallion along a golden sandy beach at sunset? In Enniscrone, it’s all possible! Iceford stables offer professional riding lessons to people of all ages and abilities, specialising in a beach ride for the more advanced rider. They also offer cross country, mountain and pony rides as well as family lessons, so the younger ones get to experience the wonder of riding horseback. 


Fishing in Enniscrone offers both the beginners and serious anglers a paradise of rock, beach, estuary and deep-sea fishing. The River Moy, just a short distance from Ocean Sands Hotel in Sligo, is renowned as one of Ireland’s premier Salmon Fishing rivers. Take some time for yourself without the distraction of work or technology and enjoy an afternoon of fishing onboard a specially designed angling boat. If you opt for a bespoke fishing tour with Donal Kennedy Angling, you can decide whatever style of fishing takes your fancy - from a full day shark fishing to a short mackerel fishing trip.

Dine Out

Vacations are an ideal time to enjoy some time away from work and day to day stress but most importantly, you don’t have to cook! There’s nothing more enjoyable than having a meal cooked to order and handed to you with a smile. Eating out on holiday is especially great when you have a fantastic view, delicious food and a real Irish welcome to accompany it. In Onyx Bistro, it’s all about you. Our chef has put together a seasonal menu inspired by local favourites and the Atlantic Ocean, which is visible from the restaurant windows.

Spa Experience

How often do you take time completely for yourself without the distraction of work or family, just to soak in a bath? When on vacation in Enniscrone, treat yourself to one of Irelands oldest bathing traditions – a seaweed bath. This aromatic and undeniably relaxing experience is beneficial not only to relax your muscles and cleanse your skin, but it also gives you the opportunity to unwind, clear your mind and enjoy some uninterrupted quiet time. Visit Kilcullen Seaweed Baths, less than 2-minutes’ walk from our seaside hotel, and book yourself in for an unforgettable and completely natural experience.

Enjoy Ocean Sands Hotel

There aren’t many Irish hotels that can claim such a rich culture, such beautiful surrounds and fantastic service as Ocean Sands Hotel. While on holidays, take time to enjoy our luxurious bedrooms with all of the modern amenities you would expect, world-class dining and views of the ocean to calm and relax you. Our coastal charm, and the abundance of activities surrounding us makes us ideal for family breaks, romantic weekends away and one of the most picturesque wedding locations in the country.

 If you’re looking for world-class accommodation in Ireland, call our friendly reservations team for more information about Ocean Sands Hotel, or to check availability.

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