Where is your ideal location for a romantic wedding? For some it’s a forest setting surrounded by greenery and nature, for others it’s a luxury hotel, surrounded by decadence and opulence. For many, a wedding by the beach is the ultimate in romance, offering unrivalled scenery, photo opportunities and the chance for your guests to spend some time by the ocean. If you are considering a beachside wedding, Ocean Sands hotel offers stunning views, delicious food and a dedicated team to make sure your wedding goes as smoothly as the golden sand of Enniscrone Beach.

Unpredictable Irish Weather

While we can always guarantee unrivalled views across the beautiful Atlantic Ocean no matter the weather, we cannot always guarantee the ideal weather to enjoy them from outdoors! One of the first things to consider when planning a beach wedding in Ireland is Mother Nature. It doesn’t matter if you’re marrying in November or June, it is liable to rain at any time with very little notice. You may want to reconsider an outdoor ceremony, instead opting for a luxurious hotel with stunning views like the Ocean Sands Hotel. Enjoy the best of both worlds!

Photo Opportunities

If you’d like a real one of a kind wedding album, the beach is an ideal backdrop. There is nothing more romantic than hearing the waves crashing or the soft pulse of the ocean lapping against the shore while you make vows to the person you love most. Destination weddings, especially those by the beach give your friends and family the opportunity to ‘holiday’ together and take some gorgeous pictures of their own. No matter what angle you’re photographed from, with the Atlantic Ocean as a background, your pictures will look stunning.

Use Nature to your advantage

While the ocean in warmer climates often looks glistening blue with a white sandy beach. Enniscrone Beach, although beautiful in its own way, has a more rustic feel. The natural, unspoiled beauty can be captured by bringing elements of the beach into your ceremony & celebration. You might have painted seashells as table settings, a nautical-themed table plan or beach themed favours. You might also incorporate some native wildflowers and plants found close to Irish beaches into your bouquet, such as Bindweed, Harebell, Little Robin or Scurvygrass, none of which sound very attractive, but they are!

What to wear for a beachside wedding

While you are of course free to wear anything you want on your wedding day, you do have to bear in mind the ever-changing Irish weather and the temperature changes. If we were to give advice on what to wear, we would recommend you prepare for every sort of weather if you’re planning to take some pictures on the beach. Bring a white umbrella or parasol, a spare pair of shoes to get to your photo shoot location and a jacket or cardigan in case it gets chilly. For the ladies, remember a coastal breeze is liable to blow your gorgeous wedding hair or veil right off your head!

Food & Drink

Don’t be afraid to incorporate the sea into all elements of your wedding, including the dinner. While typical wedding dinner choices are usually ‘beef or chicken?’, a beachside wedding might include a more coastal option. Offering your guests a fish option will not only tie in with your location, it will also allow guests the option of a lighter meal. Make sure to have plenty of fresh fruit, colourful juices and perhaps a tropical cocktail available too. To tie your wedding cake in, accent it with sugar sand, shells, palm leaves or seaside blooms.

The best piece of advice we offer to guests hoping for a seaside wedding or photoshoot is… have a backup plan! Mother Nature is unpredictable, and you cannot guarantee anything from weather to wardrobe malfunctions. If you’re planning your wedding by the beach, it doesn’t get any more natural or beautiful than the gorgeous Enniscrone Beach in Sligo. To enquire about holding your wedding celebrations in the Ocean Sands Hotel, a stone’s throw from the beach, contact our dedicated & experienced wedding team to discuss your options. We will be happy to work with you to make your dream a reality, giving you the wedding day you’ve always dreamed of.

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